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Rom-Coms Rule!


     Do you have no plans for Valentine’s Day? Do you just want to stay inside and watch cute movies with hot chocolate? we can help!

     This Valentine’s Day, if you have no idea what to watch, we can help recommend some popular rom-coms for you! 

     Rom-com means romantic comedy, which is a category of feel-good movies about how two characters end up with each other despite numerous obstacles, and according to, “can be traced back to William Shakespeare and his plays such as The Merchant of Venice, where examples of theatrical comedy surround the main plot.”

     Some well-liked rom-coms according to the students of RIS are She’s The Man, 10 Things I Hate About You, Legally Blonde, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, and many, many more. 

     “She’s The Man is really good,” commented 8th grader Caroline Sahm, “but my favorite [rom-com] would have to be How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.” 

     A lot of the girls at RIS like rom-coms, but what about the boys?

     Another RIS favorite is Legally Blonde, which came out in 2001, about a sorority queen who makes it to amazing heights. “I remember liking Legally Blonde when I watched it,” commented 7th-grader Thatcher Bow. 

    “Overall I would rate it a solid 8 out of 10,” agreed Owen Quinn.

     8th-grader Eleanor Lucas stated, “I just love rom-coms in general, but I love Legally Blonde.” 

     RIS 8th-grader Ella Hartz commented, “I think it is most of the girls that like rom-coms, rather than the boys.” 

     8th grade math teacher Mr. Gerkens said, “While they are not my favorite category of movies, I have been known to watch a few rom-coms in my day. One that immediately comes to mind is My Best Friend’s Wedding.” 

     Even if Mr. Gerkens does not always watch rom-coms, he thinks that “sometimes they are just perfect for the type of mood you are in.”

     A group of boys from Mrs. Czerwinski’s 8th-period class all agreed that rom-coms are mostly for girls and none of them had ever seen any before. 

     One 6th grader, David Lamb, stated, “They’re funny, but romantic comedies are probably preferred by girls more than boys.” His peers agreed that these types of movies aren’t a very popular genre for them, either.

     While there have been countless rom-coms that have come out over the years, RIS students have their favorites. 

     “I’m going to go with 13 Going On 30,” commented 8th grader Alex Buonocore. 13 Going On 30 is a feel-good rom-com about a 13-year-old girl who one day wakes up and is suddenly 30 years old. While this movie is close to 20 years old, it is still regarded as a great rom-com.

     One 8th grader, Dylan West, said, “I don’t know any rom-coms. I have watched my Big Fat Greek Wedding but that’s it.” 

     This helps prove that guys don’t watch rom-coms but they have heard of them, and they do understand the appeal of rom-coms and why people like them.

     Star Wars is also a very popular movie series, and by some is also considered a rom-com. 7th-grade Joseph Raths said, “I watched all the (Star Wars) movies, they’re good, and out of all the rom-coms, I’ve only watched Star Wars because it’s really good.”

     Rom-coms are a widely debated topic of love and hate. Some like them and others do not. 7th-grader Jane Reichart stated, “If I would be honest, I would rate it like an 8 out of 10.” 

     Whether or not you like watching rom-coms, they are considered a staple of Valentine’s Day and are always a fun way to spend the evenings. We hope you have received some helpful rom-com recommendations for this February, and hope you enjoy the popular choices!

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