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The Optimist Club Teacher of the Year Is…….Mrs. Conneely!

Eighth grade social studies teacher, Mrs. Conneely, was named Roosevelt’s Teacher of the Year.

     Every year at Roosevelt one teacher is recognized for his/her outstanding work and is presented with the Teacher of the Year Award. Nomination letters are written by parents, students and other staff members, and while many teachers are deserving of the award, this year, Mrs. Conneely, an 8th grade social studies teacher, was the winner. After she won, the Rough Rider had a chance to interview Mrs. Conneely about her amazing achievement to see how she felt

  • What was your initial reaction to winning the award?

“There are many special teachers at this school and to be chosen as the one to represent the Teacher of the Year made me feel really proud, and I was very surprised.”

  • What do you find most enjoyable about teaching and serving as a teacher at Roosevelt?

“This school provides a very nice community, and the staff, families, and students make it feel enjoyable being here. Teaching middle school is extra special because first I teach teenagers how to study, work together, and be respectful, then I teach social studies.”

  • Has teaching always been a dream or did you plan on doing something else?

“I’ve always dreamed of being a teacher, but I did consider being a tornado chaser but it seemed dangerous.   I also considered being a cruise ship director because I love to travel the world and see new things.”

  • What’s your favorite thing about Roosevelt?

“My favorite thing about Roosevelt is that when I come here it makes me feel happy, and when I love working it doesn’t feel like work anymore.”

  • What makes your style of teaching unique?

“I try my best to connect the students’ lives to what we’re learning about our country. I try to encourage them to think about how their life would be different if they were alive at that time and how their lives would be different if certain events hadn’t happened.” 

     On behalf of the entire Rough Rider staff, we congratulate Mrs. Conneely on being named the Teacher of the Year, and thank her for all she does at Roosevelt School.  


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