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Fast Food Fight

Chipotle vs. Qdoba

     There are many debates at Roosevelt that students and teachers get involved in … vanilla or chocolate, Taylor or Drake, cats or dogs, beach or pool, skiing or snowboarding, but others don’t result in strong opinions. However, there is one that stands out. This question leads to extremely heated, intense debates 

     Which one would you choose: Chipotle or Qdoba?

     Chipotle is an extremely popular destination for all citizens of Westfield. Its strong flavors and fresh food win almost everyone over. Chipotle also has a very large menu with plenty of options to choose from.

     Qdoba, located on Elm Street is another popular Mexican restaurant. It is known for its kind employees and traditional Mexican ambiance. It has dine-in and carry-out options and also has a wide variety of food choices. People love the homey feeling of the restaurant, the food, and the welcoming staff. 

     According to, there are a total of 754 Qdobas in the U.S. and 3,375 Chipotles.

     We interviewed 200 students and teachers and went to more than 13 classes. As expected, the results were very close:  49% argued that Chipotle was by far the best while 51% said Qdoba was definitely superior. 

     What factors set these two restaurants apart? What makes one better than the other?

     RIS gym teachers Mr. Heard and Mrs. Banic said that the workers at Qdoba make all the difference. A particular employee named “Jose” is very popular among them and some students at Roosevelt. 8th-grader Kai Vasquez said, “(Jose) is always so excited to serve you; so friendly and easygoing.” 

     This shows how the atmosphere at Qdoba is a strong factor in its success. 

     6th-grader Oliver Manger had another great example of Qdoba’s excellent service:  “One time I was having a really bad day and I wanted to get food because I was hungry so I went to Qdoba, and the workers could tell that I was just having a really bad day so then they gave me free food. They were so nice.” 

    In contrast, many Roosevelt students argue that Chipotle is better because of its pure ingredients. 

    “Chipotle has better quality food and that’s why it’s more expensive,” stated 7th-grader Chloe Pfeifer. 

     Another point presented by students was how traditional the food feels at Qdoba. 

    “I think Qdoba is better because it’s way more authentic and the lines are shorter as well,” explained 7th-grader Gaehl Zaldun. The customary style and food of Qdoba really sets it apart and proves why others like it better. 

    Many people love Chipotle because of their homemade guacamole that is made fresh every day. Clearly, having all-natural, fresh food sets Chipotle apart from its competitor Qdoba.

   “I think Chipotle has a better ambiance because it has fresh hand-mashed guacamole,” Henry Hlushak stated.

    However, not everyone has shared the same positive experience at Chipotle. 

    “I can’t really remember the last time I’ve had a positive experience at Chipotle,” stated Roosevelt alumnus Arden Moscowitz. “The last time I ate food there the chips were really stale and when I was eating my burrito there was an avocado stem and avocado skin in my guacamole.” 

    Chipotle and Qdoba are both very well managed fast food establishments. Although Chiplote has great food, Qdoba’s amazing service, traditional ambience, and authentic food has won over the students and faculty at Roosevelt. So next time you’re in town and want a bite to eat, which one will you choose?

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