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Top Summer Concerts of 2024

Taylor Swifts amazing concert tour will continue through the summer.
Taylor Swift’s amazing concert tour will continue through the summer.

     Many people are fond of concerts in the summer because the warm weather brings awesome energy and excitement. This summer, many popular artists are going on tour, and it is a very exciting time for music-lovers of all ages. Some of the artists who will appear on tour throughout the summer include: Bad Bunny, Olivia Rodrigo, Drake, Noah Kahan, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Morgan Wallen, Blink-182, Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, etc.  Below is an overview of some of the upcoming shows.

     First off, Billy Joel is touring from January 11th to August 9th and many people, especially older music fans, cannot wait to see him. Billy Joel has 13 dates set for his tour, 4 of which will take place at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Currently, his tour is in the top ten for most difficult tickets to buy, and it is one of the most expensive tickets to purchase as well. In addition to his shows at Madison Square Garden, Billy Joel will be performing at other venues across the U.S., Japan, and Europe. Stevie Nicks, Chris Isaak and Sting will also be performing at various stops with Billy Joel.

     Another tour many people cannot wait for is Morgan Wallen, who will be performing from April to August. He came to New Jersey on May 17th and May 18th and many students from RIS attended the concert. He is set to make his way across the U.S. for 29 tour stops. Wallen is one of the most popular country artists in the world right now, and many people are excited to attend his show because his tour got cut short last summer. 

     Next, Olivia Rodrigo is performing her Guts World Tour from February to October. This tour will feature many songs from her second studio album, GUTS, and she will travel all over North America, Europe, and Asia while performing her biggest hits. 

     Noah Kahan, is a rising musical artist who has become incredibly popular, and he is touring from February to July. During his tour he will be performing his “We’ll All Be Here Forever” album across North America and Europe. His tour will also feature Mt. Joy on select dates. 

     Finally, Taylor Swift is still performing the Eras Tour, but she will not be coming back to perform in North America until October. However, she will continue to perform all over the world during the summer and will be showcasing her great music in places like Italy, Germany, Ireland, and much more. Taylor Swift has become a worldwide sensation, and has gotten even more popular since she began touring and performing the Eras Tour. 

     Clearly, there are many artists going on tour this summer, which has created a lot of excitement here at RIS. Many students plan on attending some of the shows, and 8th graders, Lilly Flynn and Lily Simms, who went to the Morgan Wallen concert on May 18th described it as, “An overall fun experience and a great time.” For everyone seeing a show this summer, we hope it is an equally amazing time.  

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