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RIS Student and Teacher Lookalikes


     Have you ever wondered who throughout our school has a celebrity lookalike? Here are people throughout Roosevelt intermediate school who have similar features to celebrities that you may never have thought of. 

   Emory Gleeson in the 8th grade looks  

   like Ellen Pompeo or otherwise known

   as Merideth Grey from Grey’s Anatomy.

   Grey’s Anatomy is a very popular show

   Greys Anatomy has been a show since 

   2005 and it has recently become 

   extremely popular between the RIS 

   students. Our school loves Greys 

   Anatomy because students believe it 

   is very entertaining and interesting.   

Brian Grygiel in the 8th grade looks like the                      

blonde fortnite guy otherwise known as                         

Jonesy. Jonesy is a well known player in fortnite.

When students throughout our                             

school were asked for a celebrity to use as                     

lookalikes, many said fortnite. Fortnite has 

been a game since 2017 and it is very                              

popular.  throughout RIS. Students in our school 

love fornite because they believe it is fun.                                                                                                                                              

Beckett Lick in the 8th grade looks like the 

cook in ratatouille otherwise known as 

Alfredo Linguini. He is the most known

character in ratatouille. Ratatouille was 

made in 2007 and is a well known disney


Milania Barbosa in the 7th grade looks like 

Olivia Rodrigo. Olivia Rodrigo is a singer,

songwriter, and actress. She released her 

first song in 2021 and her fame has

raised ever since. Her most popular song is 

Drivers License with 4.4 million page views.

Luke Germond in the 8th grade looks like Matthew 

Charles Czuchry or otherwise known as Logan 

Huntzberger from the popular show, Gilmore Girls. 

Gilmore Girls was made in 2000 and has been a very 

desired show ever since.                                                          

Sean Parliman, a 6th grader at RIS

looks very similar to Tom Holland, a

very well known actor. Tom is most 

known for acting as Spiderman, in the

movie Spider-man: Far From Home.

Mr. Gerckens, a 8th grade math teacher

Roosevelt intermediate school looks just 

like Blake Shelton. Blake Shelton is a 

country music artist and has also been 

found judging on The Voice. His number

one hit is Austin.

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