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Should 8th Graders Have Their Own Holiday Semi-Formal?


     One of the most memorable aspects of 8th grade is the Formal Dance at the end of the year. It allows 8th grade students to finish their middle-school years with an amazing night that everyone enjoys. However, the event occurs right at the end of the year, and then middle school is over.  With that in mind, some students have proposed the idea of having a winter Holiday Semi-Formal before the holidays, so 8th graders can enjoy a night together earlier in the year.

     This year, Roosevelt hosted a dance for all grades in November, and the theme was Wild, Wild, Westfield.  While many 6th and 7th graders attended, a majority of 8th graders did not.  As a result, people suggested that in the future, the November dance could be held for 6th and 7th grade students only, and 8th graders could have their own dance in December.

     We decided to speak with Ms. Dickey about the idea since she is the Head of the Student Council.  When asked about possibly having an 8th grade winter Semi-Formal she said, “I would be fine with that as long as the eighth graders come. Everytime I talk about these things everyone says I have too many things going on.  Everyone’s excuses are: I have tournaments, or people are going out of town, and others have a lot of sports stuff going on. It’s expensive to throw a dance, to hire a DJ, to get the decorations, to buy the food, etc.  If we have an eighth grade class of two-hundred and fifty kids but only one-hundred come, that’s going to be a problem.”  We also spoke with Student Council President Manny Sanchez about the idea, and he stated, “I think it would be good preparation for the end of the year Formal, to know how it feels.“

     Overall, many students, and even some teachers, thought that having a November dance for 6th and 7th graders and a separate December dance for 8th graders only was a good idea. But scheduling two separate dances could be difficult due to students’ busy after school activities. It could also be quite expensive to host two separate dances, so money has to be considered.  However, based on the initial feedback, particularly from 8th graders, the idea is certainly something that should continue to be explored moving forward. 

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