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Dress Code or No Dress Code… That Is The Question!!!!

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Controversy swirls on whether a stricter dress code is needed at RIS

     For most middle school students, picking out clothes is a huge process every morning. Naturally, some want to follow the newest fashion trends while others want to be unique and demonstrate their own individual style. However, while Roosevelt wants to give students the freedom to wear what they want, some people are concerned that students are taking things too far.

     We spoke with Mr. Gechtman regarding his thoughts on the idea of a dress code. He explained, “There are reasons for dress codes, not just at school but in most businesses for most people that work. The importance of a dress code is to make  sure that people are within the guidelines of what’s appropriate to be worn.”  He also informed us that even though there is not a dress code specifically for RIS, the Westfield School District does have a policy related to student dress in schools. 

 Policy 5511 states:

  • Students are expected to be well groomed in their appearance
  • Students are expected to avoid extremes in appearance that may interfere with school work, create disorder, or disrupt the educational program
  • Students are expected to avoid dress or grooming that jeopardizes the health or safety of other students or damages school property

     In addition to Mr. Gechtman, we talked with Mrs. Borgo, one of our guidance counselors, about the dress code issue. She stated, “I think there needs to be a dress code but not as strict as it used to be. I think there are certain ways to dress appropriately for school, but people need to keep in mind that fashion trends have changed and what’s in style right now might not always be appropriate to wear in school.”  

     Many students believe they should be able to wear whatever they want in school, while others think that student dress should be regulated by the school . Clearly, there is a significant difference of opinion on this topic, and it is one that will no doubt continue to cause controversy well into the future.

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