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Delivery by Drone…A Passing Trend or The Wave of the Future?

     As technological advancements explode around the globe, changes can be found everywhere, including in the way materials are delivered.  In fact, recently, Amazon Air launched a new delivery system that includes the use of drones. 

     The drone being used is called the MK30, and will be used to deliver packages in the US, the UK, and Italy as soon as this year. Amazingly, the MK30 is equipped with sense and avoidance technology to assist in safety so the drones will not collide with any other obstacles while on the delivery route. 

     Doordash and other food delivery services have also looked into drone delivery systems to further advance and modernize their companies and streamline the way their food is delivered.  While the use of drones for delivery purposes certainly seems exciting, there are obviously both pros and cons to this new technology.  Below is a look at both. 


                    Pros                                                                            Cons

Orders can be delivered faster and more efficiently. There is a high initial investment cost for companies to purchase and program the necessary drones.
Orders can be delivered to the exact spot a customer wants which can minimize theft.  Many people don’t want drones hovering around outside of their homes and fear an invasion of privacy. 
Shipping cost for items can decrease significantly. Drone delivery may be challenging when facing unpredictable weather. 
Customers will no longer need to tip for food delivery which helps to save money. Many jobs in the delivery industry will be lost and replaced with drones. 
More customers will order items due to lower maintenance fees. People can disguise personal drones to look like Amazon delivery drones, which could be dangerous.


     While the technological advancements in drone delivery are remarkable and could completely change the way items are delivered in the future, it is still a very new system, and needs to be thoroughly tested before companies can confidently say they no longer need human beings for customer delivery jobs. 

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